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Micro-jobbing has never been so easy.How appJobber works

1. Find a job near you

Once you open appJobber, a map with your current location is automatically displayed. You can also see all the jobs in your area. Click on them to view the task and reward. Choose the right job for you.

2. Complete the job!

When you start a job, carefully follow the job instructions. Go to the marked location, answer all questions, and take pictures as requested. Then you can complete the job and upload your response.

3. Collect the cash!

After you complete a job and upload your response, it will be reviewed by the client. This process can take 2-4 weeks depending on the client's capacity. As soon as your response has been accepted you can apply the payment and shortly thereafter the money will be transferred to your account.

appJobber Blog
Top 10: More Than £4000 Waiting for You!
There are more than £4000 waiting to be earned in the UK with appJobber. London is packed with jobs, with one on every corner. See if your town made the top 10 this month, but don't worry if it didn't, there are still jobs openin almost every town.

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Support Message for Christmas
From 23.12.2015 – 04.01.2016 our Support team will be on holiday, but do not worry, we'll still be checking our emails. It may take a bit longer than usual for you to receive a response from us.

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UK Top 10: Thousands of Pounds Waiting to be Earned across the UK
In AppJobber tradition, here is our first UK top 10 cities for micro jobbing! The mega jobbing metropolis is London with over 970 micro jobs, almost every street corner has a job, so take a trip in to town and secure yourself that money!

So have a look, maybe your city is in this months top 10

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