Top 10: More Than £4000 Waiting for You!
There are more than £4000 waiting to be earned in the UK with appJobber. London is packed with jobs, with one on every corner. See if your town made the top 10 this month, but don't worry if it didn't, there are still jobs openin almost every town.

Support Message for Christmas
From 23.12.2015 – 04.01.2016 our Support team will be on holiday, but do not worry, we'll still be checking our emails. It may take a bit longer than usual for you to receive a response from us.

UK Top 10: Thousands of Pounds Waiting to be Earned across the UK
In AppJobber tradition, here is our first UK top 10 cities for micro jobbing! The mega jobbing metropolis is London with over 970 micro jobs, almost every street corner has a job, so take a trip in to town and secure yourself that money!

So have a look, maybe your city is in this months top 10

520 GBP in one Month? Yes!
Yes, you can earn money with micro-jobs, but how much? Our power jobber keep showing us how it's done! One hard working AppJobber got paid 731€ the equivalent of 520 pounds in one month - and that's not even our highest payment!

Happy New Year!!
We'd like to thank our fantastic community for all of the hard work you put in and the successful year 2014! We can't wait to see what 2015 will bring - new jobs, new users and most of all exciting times for all of us!

Thank you all

Photo: CC-BY-2.0 Morgan

The New Route tips: Discover Lausanne with AppJobber
A Jobber once described us as: “An easy way to discover new places in your area and earn some extra pocket-money in return”. In this sense, the AppJobber app is more than just a useful tool to earn a little money. AppJobber also gives us the possibility to experience the city in which we live from a new perspective to take new stops on our walks, to discover new places and to meet new friends along the way.

We would like to show you the AppJobber world from this perspective. Each month we will introduce a wonderful European city or region, where our jobs can accompany the adventurous on a small journey of discovery.

AppJobber Hotspots
Today, we asked ourselves where the most jobs can be found in a 1km radious? So we have compiled an interesting list of the top-10 european cities with the highest AppJobber job density. Take a look if your city is one of them!

  1. In Peniche, Portugal, there are 251 jobs available in a 1km radius of Rua Adelino Amaro da Costa
  2. In Ishoj, Denmark, there are 53 jobs available in a 1km radius of Ishøj Parkvej
  3. In Manduria Tarent, Italy, there are 36 jobs available in a 1km radius of Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour

Now our AppJobber Speaks French
Only a year ago AppJobber was launched in Italy, now the time has come to introduce AppJobber to yet another European country! This time it is France! Since October the app is available in French in Apple and Google App Store, and there are already thousands of microjobs in France.
Foto: CC-BY-SA-2.0 salady

AppJobber amongst the 100 best apps for Germany
“With the huge range in the Play-Store it is difficult to find applications laid-out for Germany. Yet they do exist, the German app-pearls” this is how the Magazine Android Apps explains their choice of the 100 best apps for Germany, and the AppJobber is one of them!

Turn your Smartphone into a Money-making Machine with
As an Android and iOS user you can download AppJobber for free and complete thousands of small tasks that earn you real money! The German IT startup, wer denkt was GmbH based in Darmstadt, was among the first Europe companies to recognize the potential of the vast amounts of smartphone users and to utilize their potential. Since the launch of AppJobber in 2011, more than 80 thousand jobs have been completed, with the community expanding across Europe, we are hoping to reach the hundred thousand mark soon. The concept is that the user receives at least one Euro per mini-job, the Jobs can often be completed while waiting for an appointment or in between classes. Rewards vary, something as simple as taking a picture of a road sign is worth 2 € or reporting a gas station’s opening hours can earn you 1 €.