UK Top 10: Thousands of Pounds Waiting to be Earned across the UK

In AppJobber tradition, here is our first UK top 10 cities for micro jobbing! The mega jobbing metropolis is London with over 970 micro jobs, almost every street corner has a job, so take a trip in to town and secure yourself that money!

So have a look, maybe your city is in this months top 10

  1. In London there are 971 jobs open
  2. In Milton Keynes near Silbury Boulevard there are 86 jobs open
  3. In Gateshead near Brandling Street there are 67 jobs open
  4. In Manchester near Watson Street there are 25 jobs open
  5. In Hamilton, South Lanarkshire near Duke Street there are 24 jobs open
  6. In Salford near Waterloo Street there are 24 jobs open
  7. In Watford near Essex Road there are 19 jobs open
  8. In Birmingham near Livery Street there are 17 jobs open
  9. In Luton near Lea Road there are 16 jobs open
  10. In Middlesbrough near Windward Way there are 16 jobs open

Across the UK there are over 2000 pounds waiting to be earned, so go out and have fun!

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